Friday, September 16, 2005


Alright, enough facts and figures, it is time to get down to business. You want answers, and I am willing to give them. So let me put on my prognosticator hat and deal out the future.
Ohio at #4 Virginia Tech
I thought I might as well start off easy. Lane Stadium might not be ready, but neither will the Wildcats of Ohio University. Their overtime victory of Pittsburgh was impressive, but even sniffing the endzone would be a miracle against a Hokie squad loaded at all positions. Hokies roll. PREDICTION: Ohio 3 VT 48

West Virginia at Maryland
This is tougher, last year Maryland lost 19-16 in OT after shooting itself in the foot repeatedly with turnovers and missed opportunities. Though I would not be surprised for Friedgen's boys to have a similar sloppy game, the home-field advantage is enough to let me pick them in a very close game.

Eastern Kentucky at NC State
Phew, again the football powers-that-be give me an easy one. NC State proved against Virginia Tech that it has serious tenacity. Eastern Kentucky will not be able to keep up and the Wolfpack pick up win number one.
PREDICTION: Eastern Kentucky 7 NC State 28

East Carolina at Wake Forest
Wake Forest has not had a good start this year. Okay, they've had an awful start. Two big losses, but now a team that barely held off Duke. Wake Forest will get win number one, mainly because my ACC pride dictates that it must happen. Don't expect a killing though.

VMI at Duke
Oh Wallace Wade Stadium, remember when you used to matter? Remember when Steve Spurrier won ACC championships at Duke, and Coach K was some punk kid losing to NC State all the time? These teams are both pretty bad. Duke has talent but is very inexperienced. VMI has neither talent nor experience. So one is better than none I guess.
VMI 12 Duke 27

Connecticut at #16 Georgia Tech
The Yellow Jackets look good, and I mean really good. UConn might have a decent year in the Big East but they will look far from decent on Saturday. GT keeps on winning, and watch out Coastal Division.

UNC at Wisconsin
Oops, I originially forgot to include this one but no cheating involved. UNC is a good, solid team but I'm not ready to jump on any bandwagon. The Wisconsin offense is too much for me not to pick the Badgers but UNC should keep it within reason.
UNC 17 Wisconsin 35

#25 Virginia at Syracuse
I hate predicting for the Cavaliers. It is never fun, and I can never be completely unbiased. The fact is the Hoos are and should be favored. If Brooks plays, they should have a fairly easy go of it, but I am expecting a pretty big fight from the Orange. The Broncos proved UVA has some problems. Nevertheless, it'll take a few more weeks before it blows up in our faces.
PREDICTION: UVA 28 Syracuse 20

#13 Miami at #20 Clemson
Miami has a new quarterback, they just lost to Florida State and everyone expects them to finish second in the ACC Coastal Division. If they lose this game, they might even come in third. The fact won't happen. Miami's 24-17 loss last year at home against Clemson was a slap in the face, and after crushing losses, like the Florida State game, the best teams respond. Miami will respond and Clemson's famous close calls will not be enough.
PREDICTION: Miami 31 Clemson 27

#8 Florida State at #17 Boston College
Welcome to the ACC Eagles. All the hype can disappear in an instant if the Eagles lose this game against the Seminoles. Florida State may be weaker than in years past...but they're still Florida State. Boston College hasn't had real national glory since Flutie's hailmary in 1984. I can't give you any solid reason why I am picking the way I am, it's just a gut instinct. These usually prove to be the worst decisions (but every now and then, you get lucky).


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