Monday, December 19, 2005

Singletary Shines, Cavs Still Lose

Spokane, Washington is used to all star performances. Senior forward Adam Morrison has put the Gonzaga Bulldogs on his shoulders and into the top 10 with over 27 points per game. Last Saturday, the biggest star was none other than sophomore PG Sean Singletary. Having spent the last game against Fordham on the bench with a hip injury, Singletary wasted no time making up for lost time. Throughout the game he made tough shot after tough shot. In what was predicted by everyone to be a blowout was turning into a real brawl thanks to Sean's fireworks.

The problem for Singletary and the Cavaliers was the failure of anyone else to step up. Junior SG J.R. Reynolds struggled yet again going 5-14 from the court with ten points (the only other Cavalier to score in double digits besides Singletary) and while junior C Jason Cain has played well this year his two points and seven rebounds were far less than hoped for. Nevertheless with about four minutes left it was a 64-64 tie, but Gonzaga was able to pull away with help from Morrison's 27 points and the returning PG Derek Raivio. The senior guard nailed 5 three pointers, and two key ones late that helped the Zags pull away to their eventual 80-69 victory. The 16-5 drive to end the game was just another sign that the Cavaliers are a work in progress, still trying to reach that next level of achievement.

Singletary ended the game with 35 points, a career best and a new legion of fans. The problem is he also ended the game with a loss, the third in the row for the Wahoos, dropping them below .500 to 3-4. Head Coach Dave Leitao was not looking for moral victories either.

"Individual performances, when you lose, don't mean a whole lot." Leitao said.

Ouch. Leitao is proving more and more, he is not Pete Gillen and hopefully that dedication to winning will start to bring the Cavaliers to a new level of competitiveness.

Next up for the Cavaliers is Loyola College, at 5-1 on the season they could pose a threat. Virginia could use a victory to bring up their record and their spirits. Until then, Cavalier fans have little recourse but to sit and wait. Games like this prove there is light at the end of the tunnel. The real question is, when will it appear?


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