Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Hoo Crew or Boo?

In the past few weeks, lots of people have chimed in on the new student group. While I am just one voice, I feel the need to add my two cents because people have really become too polarized on this issue.

First of all, I think I shoud address the good. Hoo Crew is what we need to reach a higher level in basketball. At its best, Hoo Crew gives U-Hall the home court advantage that our team so desperately needs game in and game out. Let's face it "Vick kicks harder" and "Curfew" for the Liberty game are really funny and unique. The problem is they're also rare. That VT game proved to me that Hoo Crew is still a work in progress, "Let's Go Wahoos" (clap-clap, clap-clap-clap) is cute and all, not 30 times. In fact contrary to Hoo Crew's belief there are other cheers that require different rhythms of clapping. I understand some people are opposed to cheer sheets. Get over it. There has to be some sort of coordination or an entire nation sees how uncreative our student body is on live television. I understand the detractors from Hoo Crew, but if they put in as much energy cheering for our team as they do making fun of Hoo Crew we'd be the loudest crowd in the ACC (Okay maybe not, but a helluva lot closer than you might imagine).

At the same time, Hoo Crew, don't act all high and mighty yet. I think some fans really let it go to their heads that they're in Hoo Crew and believe that makes them a better fan than those non-Hoo Crew fans. This causes an unnecessary division and hurts overall team spirit. You need to recognize that there are fans just as spirited, if not more, on the opposite side of U-Hall. In fact, it's pretty hard not to be mad at Hoo Crew, they get an entire section reserved and don't show up until 30 minutes are left, because what's the point, it's reserved. The non-Hoo Crew fans have to wait hours upon hours with a very uncoordinated event staff and have to hear the PA announcer give a shout out to the Hoo Crew (i.e. the rest of the you are not important).

On one important side note, this is my own venom spewing but....I hate saving seats. I hate it with a passion and I think it needs to change. If I get there 2 hours before a game, and someone beats me by ten seconds and then saves two rows by himself, is that fair? It's not even close to fair. But if you make a scene you seem like a jerk, and what are the event staff doing...NOTHING. They're making sure you don't say the word "sucks". Event staff, do your job. I think it's time we make a rule that each person can save ONE seat, total. You want a good seat, how about you get off your lazy butt and get it yourself! I think that would really help make an intimidating environment since twelve people during shoot around is not a scary sight. I also think it'd be nice to have a rule that says all those physically able to stand must do so for the last two minutes of a game (unless it's a blowout). Maybe this seems trivial, but with men's basketball actually doing well, I need something to harp on and it's something that bothers me greatly.

Next year could be a disaster when Hoo Crew invades football. All I have to say is if I show up 3 hours early, I deserve a seat that merits the time spent. Football games already show the most spirit BY FAR of all the other sports. Hoo Crew really needs to focus on what it said, bringing students to the other sports, the less popular but probably better sports of lacrosse, tennis and soccer. That is a noble and worthy goal. They can make a big difference in basketball too, if cheers are organized and inclusion welcome. Football....it needs to be left alone.


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