Sunday, September 10, 2006

Cavs Escape Cowboys 13-12

The Saturday showdown between the Cavaliers and the Cowboys was thrilling. It had twists and it had turns. It may not have been a tragedy for the 60,000 Wahoos in attendance, but it sure seemed like a horror film.

Once again, Virginia did not look good. Virginia's offense continues to look myopic at best. Well...that is until Kevin McCabe came in to replace senior captain Christian Olsen.

Before we start pulling out tissues for the fifth year senior, let's keep in mind after three quarters Virginia had 95 yards of offense. That's not just pathetic it's inexcusable. How can Virginia expect to even get a first down in the ACC when their offense plays so poorly.

Well McCabe's 8-13 for 85 yards was very nice to see. His two long bombs changed the game. The first went to Fontel Mines who was dragged down for pass interference hours before the ball showed up. That play gave Virginia a key first down and would have cut down on the drama if not for the left goal post that Chris Gould's field goal attempt would nail moments later. The second was a perfect strike to wide receiver Kevin Ogletree which gave UVA it's first touchdown in six quarters.

Now I try to stay on the fence about Coach Groh, but if McCabe is not under center this upcoming weekend against the Western Michigan Broncos he needs to be taken out to the wood shed. McCabe deserves the chance, and Virginia fans need hope.

Hope was something the Orange Crush defense gave yesterday. After another poor start, they rallied behind the home crowd and made some actual tackles. Their speed is still sorely lacking but if they can continue to be physical, Virginia can still upset a few teams down the road.

The offensive struggles really begin with the line. Can NO ONE block? Watching the running backs is like watching a rabbit when it's hunting season. Four Elmer Fudds barrel through are "supposed" line and Peerman or Snelling are left to be pummeled. IF Virginia could find a line then this team could start earning some respect, until's one point victories over Wyoming.

However fans, despite the problems that are sorely evident, I say rejoice. After all, with the current state of our beloved Wahoos, we should cherish each and every win we get.


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