Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Virginia is for Football

I've decided it's time to change the official state slogan:
Virginia is only for lovers of football.

Look no further than the Old Dominion if you want some high quality gridiron action. On one hand, you have the good old Cavaliers, 3-0 for the second straight year. Ranked nationally in the top 20, featuring a former NFL coach Al Groh. The Cavaliers had 7 players drafted in the NFL last year. They feature a "Sea of Orange" and over 60,000 people per game, be it Akron or Miami.

Alright, for some odd reason maybe UVA is not your cup of tea. Well then we got your Hokies. Ranked number 3 in the nation, home of the brothers Vick, Beamer Ball and an ACC championship. The Hokies and Hoos might not get along but together they bolster some nice accomplishments. The Cavaliers were ranked number 1 in the nation 14 years ago, while the Hokies have never been at the top spot they did reach the national championship game, losing to Florida State in the Sugar Bowl.

Ok so enough runner ups, you want a winner? How about JMU. The James Madison University Dukes won the Division II football championship last year, taking down the perrenial favorite Montana. This year they have the talent and the drive to repeat.

What about William and Mary? Their playoff run last year showed that the Tribe have alot more to offer than candle stick making classes.

Then of course there's VCU football....still undefeated. Why? Because they don't have a team (It may be one of few schools in VA. that could be considered a basketball school...but then again, you see why)

Now that's not to say other sports don't matter, but for the big schools, it is the grand prize. UVA and VT both want to make their mark on the football field this year. VT has started out solidly, and if UVA can hold it together....football in Virginia might just mean national implications.


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