Wednesday, October 19, 2005


As the midterm approaches in colleges throughout the United States it's time to hand out some grades to people besides those poor overworked, under appreciated college kids. Fortunately for some schools like Virginia, they turned in their extra credit (beating FSU) just before grade time. So here we go and remember, number two pencils only!

USC: The defending national champions have had some scares. First Oregon, then Arizona State and Notre Dame just days ago came within seconds of beating the top ranked Trojans. Nevertheless, the fact remains USC has not lost in over two years. They have the defending Heisman champion and a backfield that could beat some NFL teams.

Charlie Weis: I think they need some time to shine. Charlie Weis has become the new icon of football in South Bend. Two losses, who cares? Notre Dame is BACK!

Virginia Tech: I hate it but come on, they've looked better than good, they've looked scary. VT had a close call with NC State and then has laid the hammer down. Marcus Vick is showing that lightning can strike twice.

Virginia: Okay, so two bad losses, one really really good win. What does it all mean? Right now it means Virginia can still make a season out of this, but they're not out of the woods yet. Nevertheless, a win over FSU makes the past trials seem rather moot.

Michigan: What happened to Michigan, the Big House has never seemed some dull. A 4-3 record may cut it at most schools, but not Ann Arbor. Their wins are impressive however, but their losses have hurt a lot. They are lucky the Big Ten is wide open, so hope remains but for now...

Harris Poll: This is BCS on crack. The overrated paper tigers like Nebraska and Texas Tech getting bloated scores is one travesty, but a voter voting for winless Idaho because he thought it was Boise State proves one we need a playoff. Polls=BAD!

Instant Replay: Much needed, much liked, now cut it down!!! There is a time limit in the NFL, we need one now (and why can't the coaches ever challenge)

SEC: Is it me or do they have twenty nine teams in the top 25? LSU, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Auburn, Florida and then there are upstarts like Vanderbilt who don't know they are supposed to suck. Imagine if Steve Spurrier could get South Carolina to the same type of glory he got in Florida, the SEC could be the BCS playoffs itself. Sorry Kentucky, there's always basketball.

Class is over, see you next session.


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