Friday, November 18, 2005

Friday Quarterback

Last Week: 3-2
Overall: 42-16
Forget small talk, let's do this.

Middle Tennessee at N.C. State
State's loss to BC is a big one. They have a relatively easy win coming up, but they have to beat Maryland next week to become bowl eligible. That in mind, they will come out determined and stomp into the poor Middle Tennessee team.

Duke at North Carolina
I guess we need to start taking UNC legitimately. At 4-5 they are in the same boat as the Wolfpack, but in fact even worse. Duke is a pesky rival but they then would have to beat the #6 Hokies to become bowl bound. Duke has talent but no depth or experience, they will lose...but UNC is hoping they haven't lost their season just yet.

#23 Boston College at Maryland
The Eagles are loving it in the ACC. Maryland can play spoilers since they are only a half a game behind the Eagles for second in the ACC Atlantic Division. BC has proven to be tough, they worked out a big win against Clemson on the road, but faltered against UNC. I think Maryland will prove that it likes to be intimidating at home.

Clemson at #19 South Carolina
The last time this rivalry game got so much press was...well very long ago. Spurrier has the Gamecocks on a big winning streak and the Tigers just nailed FSU. This one could and will get ugly (especially after last year's brawl). I suspect that Clemson is tough but...

Georgia Tech at #3 Miami
Just because the Yellow Jackets lost last week does not mean they can't play spoilers. GT has ruined seasons before and could do it...if they were at home. A freshman QB for Miami will not be enough to slow down the Canes, determined to reach Jacksonville in a few weeks.
PREDICTION: GT 17 Miami 27

#6 Virginia Tech at Virginia
Well here we go. FSU was big, this is HUGE. The atmosphere in Charlottesville is red hot and yet...VT is still really REALLY good. With the bye week they are ready to avenge a crippling loss to Miami. Can UVA really pull off the upset? You know I gotta think they can.

Monday, November 14, 2005


I really liked the design of most people's websites. I need to spend more time on my portfolio in terms of the visual as well as description. I will write more later, but he let me go.

As for the online discussion, it certainly was interesting. As a teacher I would worry about things quickly going out of control. However, if proper guidelins were set and it was a class I knew well and could trust, then I would see the practicality of such an excursion. After all, as we discussed it helps some people who would not normall speak up during class a chance to say their part. While it certainly has flaws, I would not be shocked if it did not become more and more a part of our lives (though not complete replacement). I remember when I was in late middle/early high school, I thought chat rooms were the greatest thing since sliced bread. I would spend hours after school because I had no life. Therefore, if all kids are like me (God hopes not) then I could see this tool being usd to bring private and school life together.

Technology in the Classroom

I think it's easy to say that technology is usually considered a good thing....when used well. Countless times class has been needlessly stalled for a PowerPoint or thrown off by a real media file not working. Which is why this class exists. Teachers need to learn the good, the bad and the ugly of technology. We now have more tools at our disposal than many of us AIM users ever dreamed possible. Blogs, PowerPoints, Tapped In, Flickr, Audacity, Movie Maker and GIMP all give something extra to the classroom. These programs are something new, in a profession that might be the most resistant to change. Nevertheless, it helps make the world of education and the real world one and the same. Without technology, kids will become more and more isolated from school, and more prevalent to say "Why do I have to learn this stuff?" It is not an easy transition, nor a clean one, but it is a necessary one. Technology brings an audio and a visual element into subjects like history and English that are really necessary for comprehension. Why else are history scores so much lower than they should be? Is it that much harder than science, or is it we have yet to adopt a good teaching strategy for history? If history could become real, either through audio or personalized projects using these new and powerful tools, it won't just be this event written on paper. The event will become something of importance, something tangible. Technology is not just there to make things look better, or to hide the fact that we're not teaching what we should. Technology is there because without it education will be mired in a world that has outlived the classroom's usefulness. However, when used properly technology will put education not just current with the new era, but produce individuals ready and willing to take the world into the next era.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Saturday Morning Quarterback

Alright well, time to show everyone my mad prognosticating skills.
LAST WEEK: 5-1 (darn Wolfpack)
OVERALL: 39-14

Miami at Wake Forest
The giant killers start off our huge round of critical ACC matchups. I think Miami will be stale early after a huge win last week. WF as talent but simply not enough for when the Canes awake from their drunken stupor.
PREDICTION: Miami 31 WF 21

Maryland at North Carolina
Two of Virginia's more annoying rivals do better. The good news is someone has to lose. Maryland has the D, but UNC is in our division so their win would hurt us more and since it could be one of those weekends...

NC State at Boston College
Who knows? I mean the Wolfpack could barely beat Southern Miss and now they are beating FSU...hmm, sounds like another team I know. Well guess what? UVA lost to UNC after the win and BC is ready to take that role. Sorry Wolfpack.

Georgia Tech at Virginia
Well this prediction was easier when UVA had players. Their entire team has been decimated by injuries and suspensions. UVA is a force at home, and the losses are not too bad except at defensive line...GT will be so close...I don't want to do this.

Florida State at Clemson
Media controls these games. Did you know that? Everyone says "uh-oh, FSU is in big trouble". Last time I checked FSU is well ahead of our friends in South Carolina. I know Death Valley is scary, but I also know FSU does NOT lose two games in a row. No more talk.
PREDICTION: FSU 35 Clemson 21

Monday, November 07, 2005

Checklist for Project

Record lesson on Tuesday November 8th.

Over the weekend get it on my computer, and check it.

Following week: Break it down into segments and categorize each one.

Before Thanksgiving, burn to CD.

After Thanksgiving, fix website and link all projects. Do Tech Bio revisited before Finals and complete resubmitted Midterm before Dec. 1st.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Friday Quarterback

Back by popular demand, it's FRIDAY Quarterback. Let's get to it.

Duke at Clemson
Clemson has had several close losses this year. Miami in triple overtime was a game they may never have fully recovered from. Georgia Tech last week hurt, but Duke is always good for the team psyche. Clemson blew this game last year, don't expect a similar mistake this time around.
PREDICTION: Duke 10 Clemson 31

Temple at Virginia
Temple must be tired of the ACC. Losses to Maryland, Clemson and Miami can do that to you. Temple is 0-9 and just what the Cavaliers need to start November off right. The question is, how will they end it?

Wake Forest at Georgia Tech
WF has the talent for an upset, but not the consistency. GT got back on track with a win over Clemson and now are ready to fight UVA and UNC for the 3rd spot in the Coastal Division. As long as they don't look down the road to Charlottesville next week, they'll be fine.

Boston College at UNC
My oh my, didn't this become a ball game. UNC is impressing teams again and BC seems to just plow along. UVA lost to both of these teams on the road so I am not particularly fond of either one. However, if WF can keep it close against the Eagles...maybe it's upset city time.

N.C. State at #9 Florida State
The Wolfpack need help. A second half come back against Southern Mississippi? They're not even the best team in that state! Florida State might not be the best team in their state either, but they have more than enough fire power to make this one a laugher.

Miami at Virginia Tech
There MAY have been bigger games in ACC history, but it's not likely. Virginia Tech's national championship dreams hang in the balance. Pride is on the Hurricanes side, they can still make it to Jacksonville with a win this Saturday. Lane stadium is as hostile a place as one can get. I really don't know how this game will go, but I think it's time to be bold.
PREDICTION: Miami 17 VT 16