Monday, September 18, 2006

Coaching Carousel

Virginia football is on a ride...and everyone is ready to get off.

Last Saturday saw three men try to step up to line and give Virginia that much needed offensive boost. The result was not pretty. Kevin McCabe had the most success, but then again he also had the most failure. His two interceptions led to 14 Western Michigan points and essentially won them the game. Now to be fair Virginia's offense looked pathetic without McCabe and going 13 for 16 is pretty good, especially with no offensive line.

Christian Olsen got more boos than Bob Saget did when he came to Charlottesville. He proved his mediocrity early and often. A few series not only did not go anywhere but completely shot any confidence he may have had left in his battered psyche.

Then the halftime show was not the band, it was who was going to play next. I must say Jameel Sewell was not my guess but clearly I must not be Al Groh. Sewell came in and showed some mobility. His throws were far from picture-perfect but he did complete his first four in a row. Considering he probably never played with the first string, any production would have been impressive. Still the offense did little to nothing, ruining a red zone opportunity which could have at least taken the game to overtime.

Well the carousel has stopped for now and Sewell has been picked to start for GT, a view that shows Al Groh has completely moved on to next season. While I think McCabe is still the better option, it'll be interesting to see how long Sewell gets to stay in there. At this point Al needs to decide and stick with it. Pretend he is Bush and be stubborn.

Otherwise, Coach Groh may be taking a ride of his own....straight out of Charlottesville.


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