Monday, September 11, 2006

Where did the ACC go?

So this just in....Chuck Amato's on the hot seat.

The chair the Wolfpack head coach has been subtlely warming for years, but Saturday's home loss to Akron just took it to around fricasee level. Need we even mention Herb Sendek....I think not.

Then there's Florida State. The school that could not be defeated in the ACC almost lost at home as well, to the Troy Trojans.

You know, contrary to popular belief Troy is in Alabama, not for thought.

What is a lot harder to locate however is where did the power conference once known as the ACC go?

In the marquee match between Miami and FSU, fans were given three channels of boring, ugly football. The Seminoles can't run on Troy and Miami well....Saturday's win aside, Larry Coker's hot seat is about 2 degrees cooler than Amato's.

We need not even mention Virginia, they're so down that the fans chipped in and bought an offensive line.

Clemson's victory over FAMU was one of the worst 54-6 victories in recorded history. Way too many penalties, 4 turnovers and all the jitters of a team with high preseason expectations. They did have a great battle with BC, but the Eagles games against Central Michigan went down to the final minutes.

The fact is, Virginia Tech, a team with its worst roster in probably five years is poised to dominate the ACC again. No team really instills ACC pride and leaves Virginia wondering why they couldn't have 2004's team this time around.

My silver lining however is gold and black. The Jackets of Georgia Tech may just reinstill pride in us all. Notre Dame got a lot of blame for their narrow victory over GT, but maybe that's not because the Irish are overrated (gasp) but that the Jackets are underrated.

Calvin Johnson gives GT a chance to win each and every game, enough said. Their season will once again be dependent upon QB Reggie Ball, or more accurately the precision of one said gun-slinger.

I may not be a huge Jacket fan, but with one point wins over Wyoming dancing in my head, it looks like adopting a team for the year is not without question.

If only the ACC had more than two options.


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