Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Cavs Lose Heartbreaker 87-82

The Seminoles hadn't won in Charlottesville for 6 years. With about two minutes to go, it appeared to be 7 years. The Cavaliers held a five point lead and J.R. Reynolds had an open jumper. Instead he misses and FSU made a huge three-point play on the other end, leading to a Virginia loss in overtime, setting them back to a 7-6 record on the year, 1-2 in the ACC. For the Seminoles they are now 11-2, 2-1 ACC and for Leonard Hamilton in company, the season just got a little brighter. Excuses may not make the loss go away for the Hoos, but they are certainly plentiful.

Depth-Virginia lost all three big men again. Tunji Soroye was the first casualty, taken out with about 5 minutes to go in the second half. Jason Cain was the second very early on in overtime. Lars Mikalauskas was the final big man fouling out about half way through overtime. With all that attrition the team with the greater depth, FSU was able to win. In fact, it probably was closer than it should have been.

Injury-Sean Singletary was rocked hard throughout the night. Despite an amazing 27 points 7 assists and 5 rebounds, hard shots that were not usually called cost Sean some serious pain. It made him rather tender and when it mattered most Singletary was in no condition to play Superman and pull out the victory.

Finishing-Virginia could not score late, when it mattered most Virginia could not seal the game. At the end of regulation they had a chance and instead Diane threw up a shot that was woefully short of the rim. This comes from inexperience and also from Singletary's injury and Bannister's lack of confidence. In the end, FSU was able to hit the big shots and UVA was not.

Referees-Okay, maybe it's a cliche but Virginia had two legitimate fouls not called that cost them dearly. One was late in the second half that took Singletary to the floor and kept him hindered throughout the game. The second was at the end of the game, J.R. Reynolds shot a three that would have tied the game at 85. His arm was hacked but no foul was called. This is no sore losing, the officials for the officials took strenuous notes at both of these junctures and it appears that this crew may not be returning to U-Hall anytime soon.

The loss costs Virginia dearly. With the caliber of ACC talent, wins will be very hard to come for. Especially for a team with 7 scholarship players and an even thinner frontcourt. UVa has to protect its home court and failed to do so. It may have been close, but close only counts with horseshoes and hand grenades. Next up for Virginia are the boys from Blacksburg. The Virginia Tech Hokies are not exactly happy either, having to deal with an 0-3 start in the ACC by a combined 11 points. Also with the Marcus Vick situation, the Hokies need something to be proud of. No doubt a drubbing of their old rivals are just what the doctor ordered, and Cassell Coliseum will be jumping. Virginia will have to avoid the road woes of the Gillen era and play like a team determined to make up for this narrow defeat. Otherwise, the season will get much much longer.


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