Saturday, April 29, 2006

Season Wrap Up and Preview

Well it was a season of maybe, would of, could of, should of the Cavaliers in 2005-2006.

In football we had an incredible win over the Seminoles and way too many disappointing losses. All of them hurt, but losing 7-5 to UNC really did not boost the old Orange Fever. Couple that with an absolute annihilation by in-state rival Virginia Tech and you have some blue Hoos. We did pull out a good bowl win against Minnesota. Now with the program morale rather low new recruiting information has two of the best players available (Lalich and J'Courtney Williams) as future Cavaliers. This is exactly the kind of positive new Virginia needs right now, but what they really need is a good season. Expectations are low and Virginia can overachieve, but they need alot to go right.
-Christian Olsen has to play like the Matt Schaub Jr. we all think he is.
-Michael Johnson needs to learn to break a tackle or Peerman must remain healthy.
-Our offensive line HAS to improve and Eugene Monroe has to be back by fall in full form.
-Our secondary needs Nate Lyles and his play-making ability back.
-We can't get off to a bad start with this mediocre competition at the beginning of the year. Otherwise November will only get more murderous.
-Deyon=Elmer's Glue
-Fans=Don't be fairweather, your team needs you.
Say what you want about the criticism but this could prove to be a turning point year for Groh and company (for better or worse).

In basketball did we ever see a bunch of overachievers. Not even the Cavalier himself had Coach Dave Leitao doing what he did in one year. The recruiting class is still not sold but Will Harris and Jalil Tucker will give Virginia depth. The question is will we still have size. Three Adrian Joseph clones will not help us in the paint where we need the most help. The big men will decide the fate of this team. If Cain hits the gym and comes back even better than this breakout year, if Lars continues to develop and if Soroye surgically replaces his hands with Herman Moore's, than Virginia WILL go dancing. Still a lot of ifs.

In soccer, Virginia continued its great play. Another NCAA tournament bid and a great incoming class. It's a shame soccer is always overshadowed by football but the Cavaliers have some big time stars on the field, both men and women. I intend to go to at least one game this year. Hope to see you there.

In baseball, Brian O'Connor continues to impress. Virginia is 13th in the nation and for a team that seemed to rebuilding, they have one of the best teams in school history. They are solid in almost every category and should make a third NCAA tournament. They might not be ready for the national stage but they are poised to do great things in the years to come....oh yeah this season isn't over yet either.

Lacrosse. Well come on, I think I can stop there. Both the men and women will be in the NCAA, the men have broken countless records, and both have the talent and determination to win a national championship. The men are losing a great senior class but the freshmen proved that there will still be a great pool of talent for the upcoming seasons in Charlottesville.

More to come later


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